Learning More About Dental Floss

It is crucial that you always make sure that you are taking the time to floss between your teeth correctly. If for any reason you are going too fast and skipping areas between teeth, you will be at a heightened risk of dental damage. This is because even if one tooth is routinely missed, the plaque buildup between the teeth... read more »

Always Floss Between Your Teeth at Least Once per Day

Dental floss and oral hygiene go hand in hand. Because cleaning between the teeth is rarely possible with brushing alone, another method needs to be used. Although there are many types of interdental tools for cleaning between teeth, including water flossers, the preferred method of choice still seems to be dental floss. Dental floss can act as a buffer against... read more »

A Little Pep Talk About Flossing

Would you ever consider not brushing your teeth for days, weeks or months at a time? No way! If you were shocked by this question, we’ve got something even more alarming to ask you: What would you say if we told you that failing to floss your teeth for days, weeks or months is not just equally as disastrous to... read more »