Always Floss Between Your Teeth at Least Once per Day

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Dental floss and oral hygiene go hand in hand. Because cleaning between the teeth is rarely possible with brushing alone, another method needs to be used. Although there are many types of interdental tools for cleaning between teeth, including water flossers, the preferred method of choice still seems to be dental floss.

Dental floss can act as a buffer against teeth to clean even below the gum line. When flossing, try to use a strand at least 18 inches long, and always slowly and delicately run the floss between each tooth to avoid damaging the gums. Never use the same piece of a strand between teeth, as it will merely spread the plaque and food residue around. If you wrap each end of the floss around a finger on each hand, it will be easier to move up and down the dental floss strand as necessary.

Not all dental floss products are equal. If possible, use a single filament thread that is unlikely to tear or shred during use. Prior to use, you should ensure the product has been approved by your dentist or has the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which ensures it meets the highest quality safety and effectiveness guidelines established by the American Dental Association. A typical flossing session should last roughly 2-3 minutes and be performed daily.

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