Our dentist at The Art of Dentistry, Dr. Williams, is proud to offer multiple orthodontic treatments to help you achieve a straighter smile. There are many advantages to improving the alignment of your bite and the way your teeth relate to one another. Not only does it help you chew and prevent tooth decay, but a straight smile can also boost your self-confidence. To help patients of all ages and with a variety of needs, we provide both traditional orthodontic braces and Invisalign®.

Traditional orthodontic braces are made from metal wires and brackets and are ideal for adolescent patients. Invisalign is a clear braces system that uses custom aligners made of plastic that fit comfortably over your teeth. Invisalign is preferred by adults who want to straighten their smile while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. Both types of orthodontics work by gently applying pressure to your teeth to make calculated movements until your teeth reach an ideal position.

We will work together with you to determine which type of braces suits your needs best. No matter which form of braces in Davison, Michigan, is right for you, we will make sure yours fit properly and feel comfortable. For more information on orthodontics, braces, and Invisalign, please contact our dental office today. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and schedule your orthodontic consultation.