Learning More About Dental Floss

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It is crucial that you always make sure that you are taking the time to floss between your teeth correctly. If for any reason you are going too fast and skipping areas between teeth, you will be at a heightened risk of dental damage. This is because even if one tooth is routinely missed, the plaque buildup between the teeth can lead to gum disease and dental erosion. Furthermore, several other risk factors can develop in your mouth. That is why is important to always take your time when flossing between your teeth and use the appropriate tools and techniques.

As much as you may think that brushing is a key component, if not the key component of your oral health care, you need to understand that brushes cannot do the job of cleaning out your mouth on their own. Because they cannot reach between teeth, it must work in tandem with an interdental cleaning tool such as dental floss.

When assessing which dental products will work best for you, speak with your dentist. You’re two most common options that you have to choose from are water flossers or threaded floss. If you decide to go with dental floss, just make sure that you’re using strands that are long enough to clean between each tooth without having to go back and use the same section of a strand. To avoid recontamination, never use the same section of a strand and never use the same strand more than once. Throw out your strand after you’re finished each day. To help better maintain your flossing needs, always choose a dental floss thread that is shred-resistant.

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