Types of Electric Toothbrushes for Sensitive Teeth

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If you have ever dealt with sensitive teeth, you understand the hesitancy in brushing and flossing your teeth. Of course, if sensitive teeth prevent you from getting a good clean, it may be time to shop for a new toothbrush. Research shows electric toothbrushes can help obtain a better, overall clean; however, there are some things to thing for when looking for a toothbrush. Below, are the best types of electric toothbrushes to ponder in Davison, Michigan.

1. Choose an electric toothbrush with a gentle vibrator, since aggressive vibrations can result in more sensitivity and pain. Small bristles may be best, depending on your own comfort.
2. Find an electric toothbrush that has soft bristles, but still does the job. Hard bristles can irritate sensitive teeth & gums, and with pain taking center stage, you may avoid obtaining an effective cleaning.
3. There are electric toothbrushes now, specifically designed for those with sensitive teeth. A water pick is also a great tool to help sensitive teeth, since you can control the vibration and choose the brushes. Shop for an electric toothbrush that is right for your mouth and takes into consideration your comfort.

At The Art of Dentistry, we can help you identify if the electric toothbrush you are using is right for your sensitive teeth. The dentist may also suggest digging into the reason for your sensitive teeth, which may harbor a simple solution. Please contact Dr. Ronald A. Williams for an appointment or if you have any questions. We want you to have a great experience here. You can reach us at 810.653.3503.

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