The Truth about Cavities

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Cavities are a common problem. Luckily, there are also many solutions, including fillings and crowns. But, while cavities are abundant, many misconceptions are shared as fact. To help you know the truth and best care for your smile, we are happy to offer a few important facts.

You’ll Know When You Have a Cavity: Have you ever heard that you’ll know when you have a cavity? Sadly, if you are able to recognize a cavity on your own, a dentist could have already treated the problem. This is another reason we recommend frequent checkups.  However, you may need to visit a dentist to check for a cavity if you have a toothache, sensitivity, holes or pits in your teeth, or any staining on your tooth’s surface.

Gaps and Clenching: Were you told that grinding or clenching your teeth can cause a cavity? Did you hear that a gap in your smile could also cause cavities? Neither of these is quite true. Cavities are only caused by bacteria, meaning that if you keep gaps clean, your teeth will be safe. However, if you grind or clench your teeth, you can create small cracks. Bacteria can grow inside these cracks and promote cavities.

Catastrophic Cavities: Have you heard that any filling you get will have to be replaced? Fortunately, this rumor isn’t true. In fact, many fillings last a lifetime, especially if you practice proper dental hygiene. Also, if you are seeking a solution for the pain caused by a cavity, you may have heard that putting a painkiller directly on your gums is a good idea. It is not. In fact, the painkiller could cause damage. If you need a painkiller, we recommend that you simply swallow it.

Please feel free to contact us today if you are interested in learning more about a cavity. We are excited to hear from you soon.