Become Familiar with Dentures Here

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Are you interested in learning more details about dentures? We are happy to provide further information about dentures to help you make informed decisions on whether or not dentures are right for you. To help you become familiar with dentures, we have several common denture questions.

How are complete dentures different from partial dentures?
Complete dentures replace a full arch and suction to the roof of your mouth to fill your smile with teeth, while partial dentures replace just a few teeth in a gap and clasp to the remaining teeth on either side.

What does wearing dentures feel like?
Having dentures in your mouth might feel strange at first, and your gum may feel some initial irritation and soreness, but once your jaw, cheeks, and tongue become accustomed to the appliance, it will feel natural.

How might dentures make me feel?

While dentures might cause some frustration at first and you may struggle to chew and speak for a few days, you will soon feel confident again! Chewing small bites of soft food and read out loud will quickly help you become a pro at wearing dentures.

How often should I wear my dentures?
When you first receive your dentures, we suggest that you wear them at all times, including at bedtime. After the appliance starts to feel natural, you can remove your dentures at night.

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