Which Treats to Stay Away from While Wearing Braces

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When you or your child are wearing braces, it is vital to continue to care for those pearly whites while they are straightening. It’s also vital to protect your braces, to avoid any delay in your treatment while you are creating your aligned smile. To take good care of your appliance, you will want to avoid eating the following treats that can damage your brackets, wires, and bands. 


Caramel is a candy that does not mix well with braces, especially because it is extremely sticky. When you eat the caramel, it can easily get stuck between your teeth, gums, and brackets, making it very difficult to properly clean your mouth. Therefore, if you can’t clean your smile and eliminate every piece of caramel, your chompers will be vulnerable to tooth decay, and cavities are a huge dental problem you want to avoid at all costs.

Saltwater Taffy

Saltwater taffy is also extremely sticky, which makes it very difficult to clean. If the candy gets stuck in your smile, your chances of developing tooth decay increase and it is very likely that you will alter the condition of your orthodontic appliance. So, it’s best to avoid this candy altogether.


Popcorn is dangerous for your braces because the kernels tend to get stuck in your appliance and cause further complications when you bite down on them. The kernels can also break your brackets, which will delay your treatment time and prevent the shifting of your smile.

We understand that avoiding these treats might be a little bit difficult, especially if they are your favorites. But just remember that you’ll only have your braces for a short amount of time and once your teeth are completely aligned, you can eat whatever you would like!

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