Preventative Dentistry Matters to Your Health

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The Art of Dentistry offers regular dental checkups in Davison, Michigan, for patients who want clean, healthy smiles. Unfortunately, nearly 40 percent of Americans over the age of 18 didn’t visit a dentist last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Regular dental checkups are vital to your heath because they screen for health problems in addition to cleaning your teeth.

During a checkup, your dentist can catch many dental problems before they develop. Some health issues, like gum disease, may develop without showing initial symptoms, which is why it’s important that you visit a dental specialist at least twice a year. Your dentist examines more than just your mouth—he or she also looks at your throat, face, head, and neck.

After cleaning your teeth, your dentist will be able to tell you about the health of your smile and how to improve your oral hygiene routine, if necessary. If the cleaning reveals any “problem areas,” your dentist may recommend future treatment to resolve these issues.

Visiting the dentist tends to boost your desire to brush and floss your teeth daily. If you struggle to maintain good oral care habits, dental checkups are especially important because your teeth are at a higher risk of tooth decay.

If six months or longer have passed since your last dental checkup, we invite you to schedule an appointment at The Art of Dentistry by calling 810.653.3503. Our dentists, Dr. Williams and Dr. Rydzon, look forward to meeting you!