Keep Your Breath Fresh With These Tips

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Are you looking for more ways to keep your breath fresh? Perhaps you have tried breath mints and they don’t seem to do the trick. If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place! Halitosis is a condition more commonly known as bad breath. Thousands of people suffer from bad breath each day. That is why our team here at The Art of Dentistry in Davison, Michigan, is happy to provide tips on keeping your breath fresh.

The first question to when it comes to halitosis is how do you treat it? Simply, there are many different ways to treat bad breath, which include:

– Brush and floss your teeth daily. Having a proper oral health routine is vital to having positive oral health.
– Visit your dentist. By keeping your regular dental appointment with your dentist, Dr. Ronald A. Williams, you could be reducing plaque, tartar, cavities, and other oral health care concerns.
– Use mouthwash consistently. Mouthwash can kill many bacteria in your mouth that is causing the bad breath.
– Clean your tongue, too. Your tongue can store bacteria that creates your bad breath.
– Quit smoking. If you rid yourself from this unhealthy habit, not only will you have better breath, but your overall health and quality of life will become better.
– Keep your saliva flowing. If you chew sugarless gum or foods like apples that involve a lot of chewing, you are flushing bad bacteria from your mouth and could help rid your mouth of bad breath.

There are many different treatments for treating halitosis. Being able to reinstate your oral health is important for your personal and professional life. If you feel it’s time for a check in with your dentist, or still have questions about your halitosis, please call us today at 810.653.3503 to set up an appointment. Our caring staff is happy to help you in any way we can.