Fluoride Supplements Can Help Strengthen Tooth Enamel

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Each day the bacteria in your mouth, and acidic foods and drinks can microscopically erode the densely packed mineral crystals that make up your tooth enamel. This process known as demineralization can eventually weaken tooth enamel and increase your chances of developing sensitivity and tooth decay problems.

Low dose exposure to fluoride helps to add mineral integrity back the tooth enamel in a process known as remineralization. Strong tooth enamel and reduces your chances of developing issues with sensitivity and tooth decay.

If one of the dentists at The Art of Dentistry sees signs of demineralization, tooth decay, or you have been suffering from tooth sensitivity, they might recommend a basic fluoride treatment or fluoride supplements.

Some of the more common fluoride supplements include sublingual tabs, gels, mouth rinse or a concentrated fluoride toothpaste.

Concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse, should be applied to your teeth right before bed, or at a time when you can avoid eating or drinking anything for at least an hour. This will allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate the microscopic mineral crystals of your tooth enamel.

If you have concerns that you’re not getting enough fluoride in your average day, or you would like to learn more about fluoride supplements, feel free to call The Art of Dentistry at 810.653.3503 to schedule an appointment.