A Partial Denture Can Replicate Multiple Teeth Lost to Cavities

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Individuals who struggle with dental phobia and pronounced dental anxiety are sometimes reticent to attend their regularly scheduled dental checkups. These people frequently experience long-term problems with gum disease and tooth loss related to untreated cavities.

If you have lost multiple teeth in one area of your mouth, your hampered oral function can limit your ability to efficiently chew food before swallowing. If the missing teeth are located in the front of your mouth it could affect your appearance while also obscuring your speech.

In a case like this a dentist like Dr. Ronald Williams and Dr. Thomas Rydzon, can help you understand your options for restoring the basic function and appearance of your missing teeth. After examining your mouth they might recommend a removable partial denture.

This is a sophisticated oral appliance that will be created from special dental materials to mimic the basic appearance and strength of your missing teeth. Some partial dentures will also include small hardware components to help connect them with the surrounding natural teeth.

Applying a minimal amount of denture adhesive when you install the partial denture each morning can help lock it in place, which might also help to keep out stray food material.

Our dentist will provide you with any necessary care and cleaning instructions, which often includes rinsing and lightly brushing the denture each night before soaking it in some denture solution.

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