7 Steps Of Brushing and Flossing While Wearing Orthodontia

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People receive braces to straighten their teeth and bite, which improves dental health. However, maintaining oral hygiene while wearing braces is equally important. Doing so prevents calcification stains, gum disease, and cavities. Here are the steps to take when cleaning your teeth and braces.

  1. Take off any removable parts of the braces.
  2. Rinse your mouth with water to get rid of food debris.
  3. Brush your orthodontia with a soft-bristle toothbrush and fluoride. You can also consider using an interdental brush to clean your braces.
  4. Brush your teeth thoroughly, but gently, for two minutes. Rinse.
  5. Use a floss threader to pull the floss under the wire so you can floss your teeth.
  6. Rinse your mouth again.
  7. Check your smile in the mirror to make sure your teeth and braces are clean.

Other Tips

  • Use waxed floss because it is less likely to get caught in braces than unwaxed.
  • Brush after meals. This is important because braces are more likely to trap food. Don’t forget to floss once a day.
  • Rinsing is important when you have orthodontia because it helps get rid of a lot of food particles. You can rinse with water, or ask your dentist to recommend a mouthwash.