Helping Kids Accept their Braces

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You kids don’t like their braces—in fact, they may hate them—but the braces are going to be around for a while. What can you do? You know braces are important, but how can you help your kids accept that?

For starters, teaching you kids the numerous health benefits of braces can help them not only understand why they need them, but accept them as well. Not only do braces straighten and correctly space crooked teeth, but they:
• Prevent gum disease
• Prevent teeth from rotting and falling out
• Correct bad bites and prevent jaw problems
• Prevent abnormal tooth wear

If you kid still isn’t happy about the metal on their teeth, there are other ways to help. For one, why is you child so opposed to braces? If it’s because they can no longer eat chewy caramels, then find new treats for them to snack on. If it’s because of the appearance, then let your kids color their braces. If it’s because they are getting teased, remind them of how straight their teeth will because of braces. When you talk to your kids about these changes and try to understand each other, they will know that you care.